Our team specializes in working with rare earth and ultra-pure metals. We pay great attention to the introduction of new technologies.

We offer custody, customs storage and customs clearance services. You can buy various items of rare earth metals, high purity metals, extra fine wire and other unique products from the best manufacturers.

In order to care for the environment and ecology, we implement technological solutions that make life better.


- Technology for the complete elimination of municipal waste without the need for separation and additional energy enrichment;
- Technologies for the elimination of waste from industrial activities;
- Technologies for purification of polluted waters;
- Purification of waste and exhaust gases of industrial installations;
- Liquidation of consequences of chemical contamination of soils; 
- Application of nano-carbons (diamonds, tubes, graphenes) in composite materials
- Development of electricity sources (batteries and accumulators) on new materials
- Development of sources of electricity, based on radioactive materials (beta-voltaic)


  • Cu high-purity metal powders                           
  • Ni extra thin metal wires
  • Au extra thin metal wires
  • Wolfram extra metal wires
Purity   99,99% - 99,9999%
Purity   99,80% - 99,96%
Purity   99,90%
Purity   99,999%

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Service in relation to responsible goods

Depositary storage 

Long-term and short-term responsible storage of your material in a secure warehouse.

We can lay your material in separate rooms ranging in size from 2 to 15 m2

The European Institute of Modern Technologies a.s. carries out this type of activity on the basis of Law No. 455/1991 Coll.


- Carrying out chemical analyzes of materials;

- Study of the possibility of using waste (ash) after the liquidation of      industrial and municipal waste in the manufacture of building materials;

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IGAS research,

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Institut für seltene Erden und Metalle AG,


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